Explore geotechnical data

Soil and ground ice descriptions collected from borehole drilling investigations.

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Explore temperature data

Temperature data measured at hourly or daily intervals by thermistor strings inserted into boreholes.

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Reports and publications

Published papers; theses; geotechnical reports; and maps that describe permafrost in the Yukon.

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Download data

Download our entire datasets in a variety of formats.

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Permafrost model

View or download a high-resolution (30 by 30 metres raster data) permafrost probability model for the southern half of Yukon, produced by Bonnaventure et al. (2012).

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Landform atlas

Landforms commonly associated with permafrost in Yukon, such as landslides; rock glaciers; pingos; palsas; tors; cryoplanation; terraces; solifluction; ice-wedge polygons; patterned ground; and thermokarst lakes.

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About the Yukon Permafrost Database

Permafrost degradation is impacting Yukon communities and infrastructure at increasing rates with costly consequences. Access to data describing Yukon permafrost is critical for supporting a variety of activities, including: community and infrastructure planning; climate change adaptation planning; and environmental assessments.

Development of the Yukon Permafrost Database began in early 2019 to make permafrost data collected within Yukon accessible to a variety of users, including governments; academics; consultants; and the public. Work to date has focused on developing a data model and data standards; and establishing a database. Existing data sets were imported largely from various Government of Yukon branches.

The database will be an evolving product that will be updated periodically as new data sources become available. We welcome data contributions from other sources, such as private; industry; and academia.

For more information on how to best use the web application, refer to the following documents.

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For more information or if you would like to send us your feedback, contact ygs-surficial@yukon.ca.