Update your COVID-19 vaccination records or report a problem

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Information message

Note: It will take several days to update your record. You will be notified when the update is completed.

Use this service if you need to update your vaccination records to get a COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Credential, or if any of the following apply:

  • Your COVID vaccination records (or approved medical deferral) could not be found.
  • Your COVID vaccination records were found, but your contact information needs to be updated.
  • You are requesting a proof of vaccination on behalf of somebody else and need to provide a consent or a declaration form.
  • You need to provide COVID vaccination records from another province or territory.
  • Your situation is not addressed above and you need to get in touch with the Yukon government about your proof of vaccination.

Before you start

You will need:
  • your vaccination card or records of any vaccinations; and
  • your government-issued ID.
If you are requesting records on someone else's behalf you will also need:

If you need help

Privacy consent statement

By using this service, I voluntary consent to Yukon government’s Department of Health and Social Services collecting, using and disclosing my personal health information to enable authentication of my identity and retrieve my relevant personal health information, in order to meet my request for a Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Credential.

I understand I may withdraw or limit my consent at any time by contacting [email protected], and that without my consent the personal health information can be collected, used or disclosed only in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the regulations.

If you have questions regarding correcting or accessing your vaccination information, please contact [email protected]. Information is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with Yukon’s Health Information Privacy and Management Act and other applicable laws. A written statement of Health and Social Services information practices can be viewed at www.yukon.ca/healthprivacy or by contacting the department’s Privacy Officer at [email protected].